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Missy Elliott & Jack Harlow’s Drama In Doritos’ Super Bowl Commercial Might Be The Best Thing Ever



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Image Credit: Doritos

“Music will never be the same,” reads the text in the final teaser for Doritos’ Super Bowl commercial. However, fans were left asking if Jack Harlow and Missy Elliott would be the same going into the Super Bowl LVII spot. In the last sneak peek at Doritos’ commercial, Jack walks down a hallway lined with gold records as Missy trails behind him. “Hey man, come back,” she says while holding a bag of Spicy Sweet Chili Doritos. “Let’s go to the studio, man.” Jack refuses. “I gotta do me, Missy,” he says.

“Jack, please listen to Missy Elliott,” a man identified as a MANAGER says, prompting Missy to turn around and ask what we’re all thinking: “Who the hell are you?” As the soap opera strings play, the commercial cuts to black, with Doritos promising that the music will be changed come Feb. 12, the day of Super Bowl LVII.

The issue with Jack’s “love triangle” is that, so far, only two people are involved (that manager doesn’t count.) However, the third person might come from an unlikely place: TikTok. In the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, Doritos asked fans to do their best “triangle-inspired dance,” per AdWeek. The contest’s winner will likely appear in the spot when it airs during Super Bowl LVII on Feb. 12.


Doritos first revealed that Jack was going to be involved in the 2023 Super Bowl commercial by posting a teaser of the “First Class” rapper avoiding the paparazzi to enjoy a quiet moment in his limo with a bag of Doritos Sweet and Tangy BBQ chips. One of the paps asks, “Is it true about the love triangle?” Jack takes a moment to consider this before saying, “Maybe.” Jack then takes a chomp of the Doritos. In the second teaser, Missy – seen in the hallway in the final teaser – answers her phone. “A collab? You know, I’ve been waiting to collaborate,” she says. “A love triangle? I don’t know about that.”


For ten years, Doritos invited fans to “Crash the Super Bowl” by creating their own commercials to air during the Big Game. It allowed fledging creatives a shot at the big game, allowed Doritos to get a feel about what consumers want to see in the commercials, and gave viewers some memorable moments during the Super Bowl. Doritos retired the contest after the 2016 Super Bowl, with the winner getting a chance to work with Zach Snyderbut revived it during the 2020 pandemic to help boost morale as people were under lockdown.

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