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‘National Treasure’s Zuri Reed Teases Tasha & Oren’s Future: ‘Keep Rooting For Them’ (Exclusive)



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Image Credit: Stephanie Diani

National Treasure: Edge of History has introduced fans to a new generation of treasure hunters, including Tasha Rivers, played by Zuri Reed. Tasha is fiercely independent and knows a thing or two about the social media landscape. HollywoodLife spoke EXCLUSIVELY with Zuri about playing a “literal tech genius” and what the final episodes of the season will bring.

Zuri Reed
Zuri Reed stars in ‘National Treasure: Edge of History.’ (Photographer: Stephanie Diani)

“These last four episodes there is not really a moment to breathe,” Zuri revealed. “It’s very on, on, on the entire time. So for our adventure fans who are watching the show wanting to get that thrill, these last few episodes are definitely going to quench that thirst for sure. We do some crazy things to help our girl.”

At the end of episode 6, Jess reveals to the crew that she wants to break her father out of prison. A big feat for this group, to say the least. Zuri teased that “Jess and Tasha actually go through a really big experience together that I don’t think anyone really sees coming. They’re both forced to kind of lean on each other, and it’s really the moment for Tasha to truly reevaluate because she is very anti-FBI, very anti-government. So to be faced with this challenge of involving Agent Ross is a real breakout moment for her. It’s a tough decision for sure.”

A core relationship of the Disney+ series is the friendship between Tasha and Jess. “We were very lucky. Since our very first chemistry read via Zoom, Lisette [Olivera] and I had great chemistry,” Zuri told HollywoodLife. “She was in LA. I was in New York. We were still able to convince casting that we were best friends via a screen. So then we met in person, and we worked so well together. She’s one of my great friends. I’m very, very lucky to be cast with her.”

While Tasha has “different beliefs than Jess,” she is always going to be a good friend to her. “She’s kind of willing to put herself aside for the people that she loves, which I think is such a great quality about her,” the actress noted.

Over the course of the season, National Treasure fans have rallied around Tasha and Oren. Zuri loves their relationship as much as the rest of us.

Zuri Reed
Tasha and Oren in ‘National Treasure: Edge of History.’ (Disney+)

“I think Tasha and Oren are special because, yes, they are broken up, but the way that they’re both willing to do whatever it takes to ensure that the other is okay, there’s something really special about that,” Zuri said. “I’m totally Team Tashoren. Whether we get that victory at the end or not, I will leave that up in the air, but personally, I’m definitely a fan of them.”

She couldn’t say much about Tasha and Oren’s fate by the end of the season. However, she was able to tease, “I think if people are rooting for them then you should keep rooting for them, and let’s see what happens at the end.” New episodes of National Treasure: Edge of History premiere Wednesdays on Disney+.

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