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Oscar-Nominated Actress Amy Irving Set to Release First Album (Exclusive)



Oscar-nominated actress Amy Irving is ready to release her first album.

The performer tells The News84Media that Born In A Trunk, featuring 10 cover songs pulled from her life and career, will be released digitally on April 7. “Why Don’t You Do Right?” — the first single which Irving sang as Jessica Rabbit in Who Framed Roger Rabbit — will be available on digital platforms on March 3.

Irving, 69, made her film debut in Brian De Palma’s Carrie in 1976 and two years later was in supernatural thriller The Fury. Her role in Yentl earned her an Oscar nomination for best supporting actress and she scored best actress Golden Globes nominations for Crossing Delancey and Anastasia: The Mystery of Anna. She also has a number of stage credits, earning an Obie Award for her off-Broadway performance in a production of The Road to Mecca.

Born In A Trunk also features Irving covering songs like Pino Donaggio’s “I Never Dreamed” (from Carrie) and Death Cab for Cutie’s “I’ll Follow You Into the Dark,” dedicated to her husband Ken Bowser. Jules David Bartkowski aka Goolis arranged the album and lends vocals to the covers of Jimmy Webb’s “Children’s Song” (from Voices) and Tom Jobim’s “How Insensitive,” featuring Roy Nathanson on saxophone.

“Singing makes me happy. I considered myself an actor who could carry a tune, not a singer,” Irving says. “My youngest son, music manager Gabriel Barreto, turned me on to a terrific band he represents: Goolis. He convinced me to cut an album with them. It was so thrilling to step into another world.”

She adds that she chose the 10 songs “from my life’s work, liaisons, marriages, and family.”

“We made the album, then COVID hit,” she continues. “I spent two years working with Celeste Simone, an amazing vocal coach, who taught me how to get up on the stage and sing the songs for the launch. My husband Ken Bowser helped me write intros to the songs. This is my story. It’s been quite a ride. And thanks to Gabe, and Jules and Ken, (and our 2 dogs), the ride continues.”

Willie Nelson heard Irving’s version of his song “I’m Waiting Forever,” reimagined as a galloping calypso, and asked to sing harmonies on the track for the new album. The song, which Nelson recorded for his 1996 album Spiritwas written for Irving and it references their relationship during the production of 1980’s Honeysuckle Rose.

Born in a Trunk Album by Amy Irving

Amy Irving’s Born in a Trunk cover art

Courtesy Image

“It is a real pleasure to be singing with my good friend Amy Irving. She has a great band behind her and I look forward to doing more with her,” Nelson tells THR in a statement.

The Born In A Trunk cover art features Irving’s mother, actress Priscilla Pointer, smudging makeup on a 2-and-a-half-year-old Irving. The performer’s father, Jules Irving, was a director and actor.

Irving recorded the album live in the studio with Goolies and eight other band members. A full track list follows:

  1. “Why Don’t You Do Right” [reference Who Framed Roger Rabbit] — Joe McCoy Cover
  2. “Children’s Song” (feat. Goolis) [reference Voices] — Jimmy Webb Cover
  3. “People Alone” [reference The Competition] — Lalo Schifrin Cover
  4. “I’m Waiting Forever” (feat. Willie Nelson) – [reference Honeysuckle Rose] — Willie Nelson Cover
  5. “How Insensitive” (feat. Goolis) [reference Bossa Nova] — Antônio Carlos Jobim Cover
  6. “Queen of the Castle” [reference Rumpelstiltskin] — Max Roberts Cover
  7. “Old Boyfriends” [reference Arthur Miller’s Broken Glass] Tom Waits Cover
  8. “I Will Follow You Into the Dark” — Death Cab for Cutie Cover
  9. “I Never Dreamed Someone Like You” [reference Carrie] — Pino Donaggio/Katie Irving cover
  10. “Errol Flynn” — Amanda McBroom Cover

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