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‘RHOBH’: Lisa Rinna Reveals The Nasty Things Kathy Hilton Allegedly Said About Their Co-Stars



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It’s been two weeks since Kathy Hilton‘s alleged meltdown in Aspen, but more details about that night emerged during the Sept. 28 episodes of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The ladies had come together for a Pretty Mess Hair event thrown by Erika Jayneand since Kathy didn’t show up, Lisa Rinna took the opportunity to discuss what had happened that night. She even got some help from Dorit Kemsley.

“Kathy was not herself that night [in Aspen]. She wanted to play a song at the DJ booth,” Dorit started telling her co-stars before Lisa said it was Michael Jackson‘s “Billy Jean” that she had requested. The DJ refused to play the song, and while Kathy might have gotten upset about it, Crystal Kung Minkoff said the DJ made the right call because “requesting Michael Jackson is problematic these days”, and they should all know that. Anyway, Lisa and Dorit said that after Kathy got irate inside the club, “[the manager] told [Kathy] to go back to LA”. Diana Jenkins said she then diffused the situation by giving the bartender a $200 tip.

It was at Erika’s hair line event that Lisa also learned about Kathy’s outburst at the hat store. Apparently, Lisa wasn’t aware that Kathy got mad about her requesting Kendall Jenner‘s tequila instead of hers. And after she heard about it, she started to realize that it was that moment that “set [Kathy] off” and led to the chain of events that would play out later that evening. “Kathy is so f***ing jealous of the Kardashians”, Lisa said in her private confessional.

Afterwards, Lisa revealed what Kathy had allegedly said about each and every one of their co-stars. While Lisa told the ladies that Kathy had talked trash about them, she didn’t tell them specifically what was said — instead, she saved that for her private confessional. There, Lisa claimed that Kathy said Crystal and Sutton Stracke were “pieces of s***” who “should be fired”. Kathy allegedly asked Rinna, “Why are they even here?”

“What she said about Dorit was that she is a stupid useless idiot,” Lisa further claimed. It was a “barrage of, ‘I can’t f***ing believe I have to be around you f***ing peons. I don’t like them. Why do I have to be with them? They need to go away. They’re idiots. I have to do everything around here. This is my show by the way. I have big deals over at NBC. Everyone is protecting me and I will f***ing ruin Kyle.’”

Kathy Hilton (Bravo)

The only people that came out of it “better than anybody” were Lisa and Garcelle BeauvaisRinna further told the ladies.

A few days later, Kathy and Kyle reunited for the first time since Aspen. Kyle had been away filming Halloween Ends, but now that she was home again, they took the opportunity to try to figure things out. Based on what she heard from Lisa, Kyle couldn’t believe that Kathy would say such terrible things about her. Kathy tried apologizing, and Kyle accepted her apology, but she also told Kathy that she never felt supported by her or their other sister, Kim Richards. Kathy then accused Kyle of never prioritizing her family, but Kyle said it’s because Kathy can be difficult to deal with at times. Eventually, they came to a bit of an understanding, but since Kathy had yet to apologize to Lisa, and Lisa was heading over to Kyle’s, Kyle asked Kathy to stay and “make peace” with Rinna.

Once Lisa arrived, Kathy apologized, but Lisa wasn’t willing to forgive Kathy. Lisa told Kathy that she was “out of control” in Aspen and should seek some professional help. “You are f***ing angry” and have a “black heart”, Lisa told Kathy. Eventually, Kathy shed some tears and blamed her behavior on the fact that she’s dealing with a lot because her good friend is dying. However, Lisa didn’t think that was an excuse for her behavior, so they kept going back and forth until Kathy said she was “done” talking to Lisa. Then, she got up and left and Kyle said Lisa might have been “pushing” too hard. “F*** my life,” Kyle said under her breath and Kathy left and things were left in an even worse place than where they started.

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