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Sofia Loren: 10 reasons not to stop loving her | Celebrities, VIPs | S Mode THE COUNTRY



1. Once upon a time there was a Mediterranean and Latin beauty

Before the Claudia Cardinale, the Monica Bellucci or our Penélope Cruz (whom Pedro Almodóvar modeled in the image and likeness of the Italian actress in the film Come back), long before other Latin beauties such as Eva Mendes or Sofia Vergara, Sofía Loren laid the foundation for style and beauty that rivaled and served as an alternative to glamorous on-screen peroxide blondes.

2. Voluptuousness (in Sofia) has always been an art

If she has been characterized by anything in these more than sixty years of film career, it is undoubtedly by her voluptuous image. This sultry portrayal has made her the exuberant star of the screen, whether she’s rocking a tight knit sweater or New Look skirt or strolling the streets of Naples or New York’s Little Italy.

3. The singing voice

Although she hasn’t yet won any Grammys or music awards, Sofía has showcased her charm and confidence when it comes to singing and, incidentally, dancing, to the rhythm of Mambo or Cha. cha cha. To quote some of his musical interpretations: the delicious Zoo Be Zoo Be, Zoo from the movie the millionaire (Anthony Asquith, 1960), the Mambo Baccan of the river girl (Mario Soldati, 1954) or the funny Soldi, soldi, soldi of Boccaccio 70 (Vittorio de Sica, 1960).

4. The Woman in Red

Play at the funfair Boccaccio 70 dressed in a simple dress or dressed in a dazzling suit signed Valentino, Gian Franco Ferre or Giorgio Armani; The actress has given ample evidence of her taste and choice for this tone. A center of attention that leaves no one indifferent and makes it the center of all eyes.


5. A star in underwear

Women’s lingerie manufacturers should one day erect a monument to her for the promotion she has made of this sector of clothing throughout her career. For having chosen a sequence and intimate moment of the star, we are left with his famous and unforgettable striptease from the movie Yesterday, today and tomorrow (Vittorio de Sica, 1963).

6. “Italian Wedding”

From popular comedies of the 50s to the most dramatic registers such as A private day (Ettore Scola, 1977), Sofía Loren and Marcello Mastroianni formed one of the most popular, attractive couples and the best avenues on screen without having to go through the presbytery or the civil registry. European cinema could finally compete with the mythical couples of Hollywood.

7. An Eternal Gaze

Just like other cinema icons like Grace Kelly, Brigitte Bardot, Marlene Dietrich, Audrey Hepburn; the actress is part of this select club and of the communicating vessels between the screen and fashion. Her philosophy of life, in which the passion for living and the most sensual beauty merge, continues to inspire designers and stylists.

8. Head to Toe

Sofía Loren has shown throughout her public life her taste for all kinds of accessories as part of her wardrobe. In this “complementary” chapter, the hats and caps of different styles and shapes that have shaped its image throughout these years stand out. As a sample and highlight, the big red pamela that the star wore in ready to wearthe satirical comedy about the world of fashion directed by Robert Altman.

9. The New Cinderella

Sofía Loren as the reincarnation of the protagonist of Charles Perrault’s story, the girl of humble extraction who ends up realizing her dreams and becomes, in her case, one of the great stars of the 20th century.

10. “Made in Italy”

Like Fiat, pizza, Mina, spaghetti carbonara, the Neapolitan song, Dolce vita, Federico Fellini, the San Remo Festival, Tiramisu, Anna Magnani, Dolce e Gabbana and the Moka pot; Sofia Loren is an inseparable part of it Made in Italy who projected the tricolor culture around the world.