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Sophia Culpo Admits She’s Scared To ‘Get Evicted’ From Sister Olivia’s Home After ‘Butting Heads’: Watch (Exclusive)



After a revealing first episode of The Culpo’s on TLC, the girls are back for another episode this Monday night at 9 PM ET. has an EXCLUSIVE clip from the upcoming episode, that sees some tension between Olivia Culpo and her sister Sophia, who currently live together in Olivia’s LA home. At the start of the clip, Sophia finds her dog, Charlie Bear, has nabbed her sister’s Gucci slipper, which he started to gnaw on before it was taken away. “That didn’t happen…” she says, before venturing over to Olivia’s room, which is adorned with a sign that reads, “Don’t Enter: Sophia, Charlie Bear, Anyone who will pee, poop or mess up the room.”

“There’s a new sign on her door that says I’m not allowed in, my dog ​​is not allowed in, so now I have to ask permission to go into her room, because there was an incident with some dog pee on a very expensive rug,” Sophia explains in a confessional. However, she’s granted access and returns Olivia’s Gucci slides to her, as the model trims her brows in her luxe bathroom.

Sophia and Olivia Culpo. (Shutterstock)

“Living with Sophia, don’t get me wrong, it has its perks and I would never want her to move out, but it can be challenging, because I really don’t like the way she treats my house and my belongings,” Olivia admits to the cameras. We’re then taken back to a moment when Olivia discovers Sophia wearing her jeans, and another time when her younger sister left out an unwashed bowl on the counter. “There’s a lot of butting heads,” the former Miss Universe reveals.

It all seems light-hearted, though, between the girls, when they sit on the couch together in a confessional and Sophia rags on Olivia for being a neat-freak roomie. “Oh my God, it’s like I make my coffee in the morning and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I got to clean everything up,’ if she notices if this coffee bean is out of place, I’m going to get evicted!” she says, as Olivia laughs alongside her. “There’s just a lot of tiptoeing, I feel.”

Olivia, Sophia and Aurora Culpo. (Courtesy of TLC)

Olivia’s home was most recently featured on the premiere episode of MTV’s Cribsand The Culpo Sisters star showcased her stunning 5-bedroom, 7-bathroom 5,366-square-foot abode in Encino. We can’t really blame her for wanting the place to remain immaculate!

Be sure to tune in The Culpo Sisters on Monday, November 14th at 9 PM ET on TLC to watch the full episode play out!

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