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‘Southern Charm’ Preview: Craig Drunkenly Spills Wine On Patricia’s $45K Sofa



Craig Conover

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Image Credit: Bravo

Craig Conover, Austen Kroll, Shep Roseand Whitney Sudler-Smith have gathered at Patricia Altschul’s for a get-together in this EXCLUSIVE preview of the September 7 episode of Southern Charm. They’re waiting for dinner when Craig, who’s had a little too much to drink, spills red wine on a pretty big portion of Patricia’s sofa. Everyone starts giving Craig a hard time.

“Do you know how much that sofa costs?” Patricia asks Craig, before revealing that the price tag is a whopping $45,000. Shep quips, “That’s just a day at Sewing Down South.” Craig starts trying to get the stain out. “You don’t wipe, you blot,” Austen tells Craig.

Patricia, not really sweating the stain, goes into the kitchen to get club soda. Whitney realizes that Craig got the wine on the rug, too. Craig blames the cup.

Austen wants Patricia to say that Craig has ruined her sofa, but the wine spill isn’t even the worst thing to ever happen to it. Patricia reveals that Kathryn Dennis had a spray tan that stained the sofa, but she eventually got it out.

A drunken Craig tells Whitney that he didn’t do it on purpose. Everyone knows Craig didn’t intentionally spill the wine. “This might be the worst thing that I’ve ever done drunk, and that’s saying something,” Craig admits. He tells Patricia that what he did was “inexcusable.” He promises he’ll stop by tomorrow to take care of it. That’s good enough for Patricia.

Craig Conover
Craig Conover accidentally spills red wine on Patricia’s lavish sofa. (Bravo)

“My mother said to me, ‘You are the company you keep.’ So it looks like I’m a B-list f**kboy,” Patricia says with a laugh. Patricia’s always brutally honest!

The synopsis of the September 7 episode reads, “Patricia invites the guys over for a gentlemen’s dinner; the ladies get together for a night out; the girls take the time to face their issues head-on.” Southern Charm season 8 airs Thursdays at 9 pm on Bravo.

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