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‘Teen Mom’ Recap: Leah Messer Admits She’s Open To Having A Baby With Jaylan



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Image Credit: MTV

Leah Messer may already have three children, but now that she’s in a healthy, long-term relationship with Jaylan Mobley, she’s considering having more. She made that reveal during the Sept. 27 episodes of Teen Mom: The Next Chapterwhen her daughter, Aleeah, first asked if Leah and Jaylan, who recently moved in together, will get married one day. Jaylan said that “yes”, he wants to marry Leah — it’s just a question of “when”. Then, when Aleeah ​​asked if she and Ali will “get siblings later on”, Jaylan said he wants one. He said he’d “prefer” a boy, but Leah wasn’t so sure about having anymore. At first, she said, “I didn’t intend on having anymore children,” but since she and Jaylan “having everything together, financially [and] emotionally” she’s now “open to it”. She later sat down for a chat with Jaylan’s sister and her friends, who told her that it’ll be different raising a Black child and there are a lot of things she needs to learn in order to keep that child safe.

Meanwhile, Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra were on the other side of the spectrum this week, as they decided to stop having babies In fact, Tyler explored the idea of ​​getting a vasectomy. He even reached out to Amber Portwood‘s ex Gary Shirley, who previously had the procedure done, to find out what he should expect. Gary told Tyler that he’d be awake for the procedure and they “numb it a little”. He also warned Tyler that he’d “smell a little bit of burning” when they snip him, and he literally gasped. Overall, Gary now questions whether he did the right thing, as he told Tyler he’d “love to have another kid.” So when push came to shove, Tyler couldn’t go through the procedure — at least not yet. He wasn’t ready to give up on the possibility of having more babies, and Catelynn was okay with that. She told him that it’s his body, so it’s his choice.

Later, Cheyenne Floyd and Zach Davis decided they needed a fresh start after the shooting, so they looked for a new house. And by the end of the episode, they dropped money on some land and started the process of building their dream home.

Then, Briana De Jesus celebrated Stella‘s graduation from Pre-K, but she was left disappointed when Louis didn’t show up. And Bar Smith returned home to Ashley Jones and their daughter, Hollyafter completing 30 days in rehab.

Want more drama? New episodes of Teen Mom: The Next Chapter airs Tuesdays at 8pm on MTV.

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