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‘The Cleaning Lady’s Eva De Dominici Admits Nadia Makes ‘Ethically Questionable Decisions’ This Season



In season one of The Cleaning Lady, we saw just how far Nadia Morales would go to protect her husband, Arman, and their business interests. Ahead of the season 2 premiere on FOX tonight, Sept. 19th, Eva De Dominici spoke to about Nadia’s “questionable decision making” and admitted viewers will see her “dangerous situations.” “You’re going to get to see so many layers of Nadia this season, and all while she goes through this journey of juggling so many events at the same time,” Eva told HL in an EXCLUSIVE interview. “She has the ability to kind of control everything. A character from her past is going to appear this season and the dynamic between him, Nadia, Arman and Thony is going to be very interesting.”

Eva de Dominici
Eva De Dominici. (Chris Shintani)

Eva added, “Nadia is going to be in a very difficult situation, and she’s going to have to make decisions that are morally and ethically questionable.” She went on to say that fans of the show will get a deeper look at her relationship with Arman and realize that she’s “not capable of betraying Arman,” which may not have been clear through season one. “She is loyal to her husband, and I think that’s her limit she won’t cross,” Eva said.

This season will look more into Nadia’s difficult upbringing in Argentina as the man from her past returns to her life. “You’ll get to understand a little bit better how Nadia transitioned from Argentina and a very difficult past, to the woman she is today. I think the cleverness of the show is that you understand why each character gets to the point they’re in and why they’re making the decisions they’re making,” Eva added.

Eva De Dominici. (Chris Shintani)

As for Thony and Nadia’s bumpy relationship, Eva said that it’s very “contradictory” and continues to be through season two. “In some way, Nadia feels related to Thony because they’re both powerful women, and of course, Arman likes powerful women, so she can understand why Arman likes Thony and even admires her a bit in secret,” she explained. “But, she got in Nadia’s way, and could spoil everything she’s worked so hard for. But, it’s not like ‘woman against woman.’”

She continued, “Nadia is jealous. I mean, she sees her husband involved with Thony and she’s not stupid, she can see something is happening. But, I think her main problem is going to be with Arman, asking him, ‘Do you love her? What do you want from her?’ Because she doesn’t want to be in this triangle.”

Eva teased some epic storylines upcoming this season The Cleaning Lady, so make sure to tune in every Monday night, starting Sept. 19th, at 9 PM ET on FOX!

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