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‘Vanderpump Rules’ Recap: Katie Blasts Scheana For Pushing Schwartz & Raquel To Hook Up



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The Feb. 22 episodes of Vanderpump Rules was a messy one, but let’s be honest — we wouldn’t want it any other way. It all started with viewers seeing Tom Schwartz‘s new apartment. It’s a modestly-sized home — one most people would be thrilled with — but it’s definitely a far cry from the “McMansion” he once lived in with his ex-wife. Katie Maloney.

Anyway, Scheana Shay stopped over because Schwartz previously agreed to be interviewed on her podcast. Scheana obviously wanted to be the first to get the dirt on his split with Katie. Schwartz was somewhat hesitant to talk about the divorce on such a public forum, but Scheana kept pressuring him, so he obliged. And it was during this interview that Scheana basically said it’d be fun if he and Raquel Levis hooked up.

There was a previous rumor about Schwartz and Raquel hooking up at Coachella, but Schwartz didn’t even go to Coachella so he told Scheana that never happened. But prior to the interview, Scheana talked to Katie about the rumor and she claims Katie “gave her blessing” for a real Schwartz and Raquel hookup. Per Scheana, Katie said that since she’s moved on and hooked up with other guys after her split with Tom, she’d love to see him doing the same. This, of course, is all according to Scheana.

Anyway, after the podcast was recorded, Schwartz told Katie about it and she wasn’t happy. She made that very clear during a dinner date with Lala Kent and Raquel. And when Katie asked Raquel if Scheana was pushing her to hook up with Schwartz, Raquel said yes. “A little bit,” she said.

Raquel further explained that even though Scheana had suggested she and Schwartz “make out,” she told Scheana she’d “never” do that. However, Raquel also said, “And then, like, I think about it more. I do like Schwartz a lot.” And she said it to Katie’s face. Katie and Lala were shocked.

Raquel tried saving face by saying she’d never date Schwartz “seriously”, but things took a turn for the worse when she said she’d hook up with him. We suppose she didn’t think that’d be as bad, but girl…

It was also during this dinner date that Lala finally told Raquel she had sex with James Kennedy while they were dating, but they didn’t spend too much time talking about it. Raquel, who admitted this week that she’s still in love with James, said she’s more focused on his new relationship than the ones he’s had in the past.

Later in the show, Tom Sandoval was seen taking some time away from the bar to play rockstar with his cover band, Tom Sandoval and the Most Extras. The band was also going to put on a show nearby, so everyone was invited to attend. Ariana Madix asked Scheana if she could go with her, but Scheana said no because she was already going with Schwartz, Raquel and Brock. Clearly, it was a double date initiated by Scheana — whether she wanted to admit it or not. So when everyone came together, Katie lashed out at Scheana for both interviewing Schwartz on the podcast and pushing for a hookup between him and Raquel. Scheana tried defending herself by saying Katie was the one who said Tom should move on, but Katie basically told her to get a life and then called her a “troll”. Katie also criticized Schwartz for being friends with Scheana, but he somewhat defended her (shocker).

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