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When Kapil Sharma or his team makes fun of Archana Puran Singh, then know what the kids reaction is



Actress Archana Puran Singh was seen as a judge on comedian Kapil Sharma’s famous show “The Kapil Sharma Show”. Now Archana is judging “India’s Laughter Champion” with Shekhar Suman. Archana has been seen as a judge on comedy shows for many years. Kapil Sharma and his team make a lot of jokes about Archana Puran Singh in “The Kapil Sharma Show”. In this regard, the actress has now told how her children and her mother react when they make fun of her on The Kapil Sharma Show.

What Happens When Kids Laugh at Archana

On this, Archana Puran Singh said, “Now the kids have grown up and they watch Hollywood movies and comedy shows.” Where people are badly roasted. He has seen since childhood that his mother is roasted in the show since the days of Comedy Circus. They think it’s perfectly normal now, but I know they must be feeling bad.

The husband also says this when he is made fun of in the series

Speaking about her husband Parmeet’s reaction, Archana Puran Singh said, “In this case, Parmeet says all the jokes are also made on him. But they never get royalties for this thing. I should be charged for every punch I use on the show, do the dishes at home here, and do all your chores.

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Archana’s mother likes a lot

Archana Puran Singh in Kapil Sharma show Speaking about his mother’s reaction to being ridiculed in me, he said, “My mother likes it a lot. She keeps saying today Kapil Sharma said your mustache is growing. So today Kapil said your dolls are like Sunny Deol. Mom really likes these jokes. Let us tell you that Archana Puran Singh married actor Parmeet 30 years ago. The couple have two children Aryaman and Ayushmann.