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‘Winter House’ Exclusive Preview: Paige DeSorbo Reveals Her Fears About Having Kids With Craig Conover



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Image Credit: Bravo

Winter House returns on Dec. 8 with an all-new episode, and as you can see in this EXCLUSIVE preview, the ladies will be discussing their futures and where they see themselves raising kids. In the clip, Amanda Batula starts the discussion when she says, “It’s crazy that we’re almost at the end of this [trip] already. It’s weird. We do s*** like this and one day, we’re going to possibly be someone’s parent.” The girls agree before asking Amanda whether she wants to raise her kids in the suburbs or the city.

“In the suburbs for sure,” she says. “I mean, [Kyle Cooke and I] both grew up with neighborhood friends playing in the street.” It’s surely sweet to think about, but not everyone feels the same way. Rachel says she’ll “probably die in the city”, while Paige DeSorbo says, “Living in New York, I never saw myself having kids in the city, but I also never saw myself moving to the surrounding areas. Now, with Craig [Conover], could I see myself moving to Charleston? I don’t know.”

Paige DeSorbo on ‘Winter House’ (Bravo)

In her private confessional, Paige further elaborates: “I don’t know if I could adapt to Charleston. It’s a lot of florals. It’s a lot of smiling. No one wears black. I’ve never seen someone in a black leather pant, and that’s my whole personality.”

So what does that mean for Paige and Craig’s future? Well, only time will tell. But more of that conversation will play out during this week’s episode, so we’re interested to see how Craig might react.

Want more? New episodes of Winter House airs Thursdays at 8pm ET on Bravo.

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