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$70 games may hurt PS5, PS4 sales, but there’s more to the story



As we approach the PS5’s third birthday, it looks like Sony’s console has been going from strength to strength lately. There are reports that conflict with that assessment, however, and as a fair pillar of PlayStation coverage, we thought it right to present a different side of the story.

over on TweakTown, it was determined that while PlayStation hardware and software were generating record-breaking revenues for Sony, sales were falling, in terms of actual units sold. Editor Derek Strickland breaks it all down for us:

While the numbers don’t lie, we’d suggest there’s a bit more to the story. Game sales may be down, but overall revenue is up (along with prices in certain areas), which would mean a smaller group is spending more money on the games they buy. Considering the pandemic-induced upheaval of the past few years and the almost daily rising cost-of-living, it’s still hard to fully blame the $70 price tag.

We also wonder if Sony is also troubled by this situation. After all, as a company, does it really matter if you’re selling fewer copies at the end of the day when you’re making more money overall? Let us know in the comments section below.


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