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A new Jumanji game is coming to PS5, PS4 this November



Third-person shooter Jumanji: The Video Game didn’t exactly attract rave reviews, but it was a big hit for family-friendly publisher Outright Games, and so it’s perhaps no surprise that it earned a following with Sony Pictures Entertainment. – have worked together on PS5 and PS4. Due out on November 3, the newly announced Jumanji: Wild Adventures looks like a different kind of experience – it’s almost like the classic Crash Bandicoot in some scenes from the trailer.

Like its predecessor, it’s a co-op focused experience, featuring the likes of key cast members like The Rock and Kevin Hart. The press release reads, “Players must work together as they find themselves back in the vast world of Jumanji, where they will be tasked with finding the Jewel of Jumanji, a mysterious artifact that leads back home. The key is to find out. .


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