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A Plague Tale: Harnesses the power of PS5 to bring your dreams to life



It’s been a good week for fans waiting for A Plague Tale: Requiem, as we got a great new story trailer, and learned how long a typical playthrough of the game will take. Let’s keep the hype train rolling, with a look at some of the ways developer Asobo Studio is harnessing the full power of the PS5 to bring your worst rat-filled nightmare to life.

Over on the PlayStation Blog, developers from Asobo Studio sat down to discuss the technological leap between A Plague Tale: Innocence, and Requiem, and it all starts with rats. In the first game (which was developed for the PS4 but got a native PS5 version last year), the number of on-screen mice was limited to 5000, which was pretty awful. In Requiem, that number is multiplied by a factor of 60, meaning players will face an apocalyptic swarm of up to 300,000 rats, which is pretty wild.

Players of the first game will recall that lighting and fire played a big role in keeping the swarms at bay, and these systems have also received upgrades. Volumetric fog, rays of sunlight and other atmospheric elements will add to the tension and drama of a given scene.

Adaptive triggers will be used to simulate the weight and weight of Amicia’s weapons. For example, when using a sling, if you aim for too long, you will lose accuracy. Adaptive triggers will give the impression that shooting becomes harder, and players can use this as a gauge to shoot. The crossbow will act in the same way, as the tension of the string is felt when the weapon is loaded.

You’ll be able to feel the swarm of rats through DualSense’s haptic feedback, adding another layer of immersion that wasn’t possible in Innocent. It all honestly sounds amazing, and we just can’t get our paws on it. October 18 can’t come soon enough.

The entire article is worth reading if you can’t get the necessary details you need in your daily life. Have you bought a ticket for this particular hype train? Where will this rollercoaster end? Take a deep breath with us in the comments section below.


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