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A portal to the nine regions of the Ragnarok War has opened in New York City



With the long-awaited launch of God of War Ragnarok finally upon us and the hype level reaching a fever pitch, PlayStation has gone all out on the marketing front, ensuring that New York City Travelers in can’t help but notice that the final days of Fimbulwinter are upon us.

We found a hilarious new ad depicting a Norse attack on the NYC subway, which, as this writer can attest, is a place where you’re most likely to encounter angry bearded men for no reason. are bending over at the top of their lungs. Subtle it isn’t, but we can’t help but get caught up in the excitement ourselves. The end of the work day can’t come soon enough!

If you need something to fill the time in between, why not check out our in-depth review? We awarded the title a rare 10/10, which isn’t something we do lightly here at Push Square. Be sure to bookmark our massive guide hub for after the game launches; You’ll need it if you want to uncover the many secrets of Ragnarok.


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