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A year after the death of Stadia, PlayStation looks ready for a cloud gaming push



It looks like this PS5 Remote Play handheld is going to be a thing whether we, the PlayStation faithful, like it or not. Additionally, Sony now looks set to dive into the cloud gaming breach once more as Stadia cools in the ground, with former Sony director Phil “The Grim Reaper of Tech” Harrison reportedly closing the doors on his way out. were

As reported by VergeSony is currently Hiring for 22 roles related to cloud gaming technologyEspecially with a job whose focus will be to “develop and deliver the strategic vision for cloud game streaming on PlayStation.”

These job position pitches begin with the same refrain, stating: “As a member of Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Future Technology Group (FTG), you will have the opportunity to lead the charge in the cloud gaming revolution. FTG puts At the forefront. Console-quality video games on any device.”

FTG will probably also do R&D on hardware like VR headsets and game controllers, as well as work on some special software features. Additionally, dozens of new patents from 2022 and 2023, some written by PS5 and PS4 architect Mark Cerny, indicate that the firm is actively interested in cloud gaming technology.

Patents often never see the light of day, but one, in particular, involves harnessing the power of multiple GPUs to power a person’s game or one. A specific view of the player through a VR headset. We should not forget that Hideo Kojima is reportedly working with Microsoft to revolutionize the industry through cloud gaming, after all. However, we will have to wait a long time to know how it all plays out.

What do you think about our seemingly inevitable cloud gaming future? Does it still seem too fantasy to be realistic? Try and maintain a proper internet connection in the comments section below.


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