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Abandon a brilliant career as a pianist to fight fascism in Siberia: World First



The release of Siberia: The World Before on consoles is almost upon us, the next adventure in the colorful world of beloved departed author creator Benoit Sokal launching on November 15th. We’ve got a new character teaser trailer, which gives us a little insight into Deuteragonist Dana Rose’s motivations.

Taking place between split timelines, The World Before is set simultaneously in 1937, when pianist Dana’s illustrious career is threatened by the rising specter of fascism in Europe, and in 2004, where protagonist Kate Walker follows the events of was imprisoned in the imaginary realm of the taiga. Siberia 3.

For the super fans out there, Microids is releasing a fancy one Collector’s edition of the game, which comes complete with maps, music boxes, in-universe postcards, an art book, and more.

While certainly not the most popular or best franchise on the PlayStation by any means, the Siberia series holds a special place in the hearts of adventure game enthusiasts, and continues to lead into an era dominated by service games. It is encouraging to see.

Have you played previous games in the Siberia series? Will you dive into the world first? Look for the truth in the comments section below.


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