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Accessibility tags are rolling out in the PS Store this week



Sony has announced PS Store This week will be updated with accessibility tags, allowing select PS5 games to detail the options they have before purchasing the title. Important for disabled gamers, supported titles will let you press the triangle button on the market to see a list of accessibility options, divided into a wide range of categories. The video above shows this simple method.

More than 50 accessibility tags will be divided into six categories: visual, audio, subtitles and captions, controls, gameplay, and online communication. They’re only viewable on PS5 consoles, and the games supporting accessibility tags from this week are:

Sony is working with “a wide range of developers” to bring support for accessibility tags to more games on the PS Store, which are viewable in their own game hubs. “With a wide range of accessibility settings within the PS5 console UI, Accessibility Tags will empower you to personalize your PS5 gaming experience for your individual gameplay needs.”

The firm also takes the opportunity to remind PS5, PS4 players Project Leonardo, a dedicated accessibility controller to work at Sony. Still in development, the platform holder hasn’t shared any new details since its announcement earlier this year, but it’s designed to open up “new ways of gaming” and solve common challenges faced by disabled gamers. is Sony has been an advocate for accessibility in gaming for years, with industry recognition in the form of awards for The Last of Us: Part I and God of War Ragnarok.


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