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Alan Wake 2 introduces its new co-star Saga Anderson in the latest video



The latest Alan Wake 2 trailer that debuted in the meantime PlayStation Showcase revealed that you’ll not only be playing as the famous author in the PS5 sequel, but also an FBI agent named Saga Anderson. Completely new to the world of Alan Wake, she has recently moved to Brightfalls and is “a really capable investigator. She’s a mother, a teller of bad words – what’s not to love?” asks lead narrative designer Molly Maloney.

A new video embedded above helps you get to know the new co-protagonist, detailing how she fits into the story. Lead writer Clay Murphy adds: “We have this theme of duality and resonance in Alan Wake 2, so we needed a counter-point, like another point of view, in the game that is set in the Pacific alongside Alan. will play with the character. Northwest so that we have both of those worlds present in the game and playable for players.”

Melanie Libberd Alan is both the face and voice of Saga in Wake 2, which she says is the first time she’s lending her appearance and voice work to a video game. The British actress has also appeared in TV shows like strength And this is us. In the video, she said: “I’m excited for the world to see Saga because I think she’s an amazing role model and just to see a woman in that role — a woman of color being a main character in a game — We don’t. Don’t see that very often. And just the lifestyle that he has, trying his best to balance work and family, I think that’s really relatable to a lot of people.”

Alan Wake 2 releases for PS5 on 17 October 2023 as a digital-only release priced at £49.99/$59.99. Are you looking forward to playing as Saga Anderson in the game? Let us know in the comments below.


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