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Almost a year later, Square Enix will fix the Chrono Cross PS4 remaster



After almost a full year on the market, Square Enix has finally confirmed that it is patching the PS4 remaster Chrono Cross: The Radical Dreamers Edition. The game has languished since its release in April 2022, with the base version featuring frame rate issues and input lag. These problems will now be fixed in an update called “a wide range of changes”.

A post on Square Enix Twitter account Says there will be “frame rate improvements, development system changes for Pip, and fixes for other bugs”. It then thanks fans for their “thoughts and feedback” on the PS4 remaster.

These are all flaws that we have exposed in ourselves Chrono Cross: Radical Dreamers Edition PS4 review. While still calling it a “charming JRPG”, we said it was a “horribly poor remaster” and gave it a 4/10 rating. Now that Square Enix has revealed that an update is finally on the way, it could be a playable version at the end of February. A Digital Foundry deep dive found the PS4 version running even worse than what was available on the PS1.


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