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Almost every mainline Final Fantasy game will soon be playable on the current PlayStation console



With Final Fantasy Pixel Remastered Collection out for PS4 later this month, we’ll soon be living in a world where (almost) every The mainline Final Fantasy game will be playable on PS4 or PS5 — or both. Once Pixel Remaster’s April 19th release date rolls around, only two titles will be missing from Square Enix’s beloved series: Final Fantasy XI and Final Fantasy XIII.

XI is clearly a lost cause – a now-ancient MMO that’s still playable (and somewhat supported) on PC and mobile, but will likely never be re-released on current consoles. . XIII, however, makes for a curious conversation. While Lightning’s melodious adventure is easily one of the most divisive entries in the entire franchise, it is Playable on Xbox Series X|S, thanks to Microsoft’s backwards compatibility efforts.

For years now, fans have wondered why Square Enix hasn’t released a remastered Final Fantasy XIII collection. The saga is, after all, made up of three separate games, and so you’d think it would be an obvious candidate for such a revival – but then trying to predict Square Enix’s actions is borderline impossible at times.

Still, 13 out of 15 core games isn’t bad. Here’s a quick rundown of the entire mainline series on PS5 and PS4:

And of course, you’ll soon be able to add Final Fantasy XVI to that list, as a PS5 exclusive.

It is also worth mentioning that all these games feature in us The best final fantasy games List, in which series are ranked and rated by readers. You can have your say by visiting the page:


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