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An upcoming Call of Duty game Xbox’s Activision purchase can’t get away from PS5, PS4 owners



It looks like the long, drawn out, and seemingly inevitable acquisition of publisher Activision Blizzard by Xbox parent company Microsoft will finally be approved (probably tomorrow), putting the future of Call of Duty on PlayStation platforms in doubt. . But we don’t care, not really, because we will (hopefully) still have it Call of Duty: The BoardgameArguably the most innovative entry the franchise has seen in years.

On the one hand, this could be really cool if you (like us) are a big fan of tabletop strategy gaming. A Kickstarter campaign for the project will be held later in 2023 (with an anticipated retail launch in 2024), and it will feature “miniatures of iconic soldiers and weapons from the Call of Duty franchise, a variety of scenarios and gameplay modes, and more.” .

You may be asking yourself, “Why does Activision need to run a Kickstarter campaign for Call of Duty: The Boardgame? Don’t they already make all the money from their various endeavors?”. We did too, but were quickly distracted by dreams of a highly-edited soapy McTavish minifig. You can try prying Call of Duty: The Boardgame off our cold, dead hands in the comments section below.


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