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Assassin’s Creed Mirage doubles as a traditional assassin’s game.



When it was first announced last year, Ubisoft pitched Assassin’s Creed Mirage as a much more traditional Assassin’s Creed title – something of a return to the series’ original blueprint, before it turned into an open-world RPG. adopted elements that defined Assassin’s Creed Origins and its successors.

While we have yet to see actual gameplay from Mirage, the developer is happy to reiterate its vision of a shorter, more focused historical outing. In a new interview with the gamerCreative director Stephen Bowden emphasizes the team’s commitment.

“Origin, Odyssey, Valhalla are all great games with the promise of living an epic journey in a strong fantasy. Their scopes are calibrated to meet those ambitions because they all have RPG mechanics. embrace. But among our fans, we began to hear. A desire for a character-driven story, focused on the main pillars of the first AC in a more intimate scale. This resonated with us and the developers and was the starting point of the project. ,” Bowden says.

The director details the ways in which Mirage takes inspiration from past games – while also improving on various concepts. There’s talk of a “richer and denser map,” and a reworked social stealth system that should be much more dynamic. You’ll be able to “reinvent” a range of stealth tools to better fit your play style.


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