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Asymmetric survival horror game Level Zero takes its prey on PS5, PS4



Asymmetric survival horror game Level Zero is a multiplayer title in which a team of scientists must attempt to repair various electrical subsystems in order to survive, all the while being hunted and eaten by hideous sci-fi monsters. are

Four players put on the scrubs of scientists, whose main defense against animals is light, in the form of torches, spotlights and flares. This will only keep the nightmares away, giving you plenty of time to get the job done. Instead of relying on twitch reflexes, the key to success in Level Zero is coordination, as players need to work together to make the necessary repairs.

Two players will control the monsters themselves, using stealth and vent networks to surprise the pitifully weak humans. They can sense heartbeats through walls and use telepathic abilities to disable light sources, once darkness has fallen. Random blackouts will also affect the map, giving creatures (who can see in the dark, of course) a prime opportunity to attack.

What do you think of Level Zero? Does an asymmetrical multiplayer game appeal to you, or do you like things more equal, all things considered? Don’t turn off the lights in the comments section below.


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