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At hand: Rose’s shadow residents transform the Evil Village into magic



If Resident Evil Village was proof that Capcom isn’t afraid to change the type of enemies its survival horror franchise offers, then the DLC Shadows of Rose is proof that the developer can do the same for its main character. . Ethan Winters’ daughter Rose may use the same weapons her father got used to, but she has a superpower that makes for a good base for our follow-up. Game of the year 2021. It’s more of that classic horror gameplay, with a twist.

Set 16 years after the events of Resident Evil Village, Rose’s inherited otherworldly abilities are becoming such a nuisance that she wants to rid herself of them. In a 30-minute session at Capcom’s UK headquarters, this urge to hone his skills marks a return to Castle Dimitrescu. The famous lady of the manor is long gone, however, replaced by the Duke – or at least a third-party entity that can control the merchant. Once he realizes you’ve entered his domain, a troop of enemies that wouldn’t look out of place in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard are sent to chase you down.

Rising from the ground in large piles of goo, it’s this substance that marks the biggest difference between the Castle Dimitrescu you explored in the base game and the one before you in Shadows of Rose. It has a great layout, but the hallways are blocked and the black liquid that covers most of the grounds will swallow you whole.

As such, it’s a familiar setting – but it’s not quite homey and welcoming. You can also have a quick loop by switching back to the third-person camera view. Shadows of Rose controls like a remake of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, but it feels like there’s a little more weight to movement. Leon S. Rose It takes longer to adjust your bearings than Kennedy and Jill Valentine, and it’s equally difficult to aim and shoot. However, you get used to it quickly, and it feels like Resident Evil Village was always meant to be played this way. This will actually be an option as well, with the original title updated with a third-person camera on the same day Shadows of Rose is released.

The main objective of our demo was to get a special item (we can’t exactly name it) from a new statue located in the main hall of Castle Dimitrescu. To gain access to it, three masks had to be applied to the stone statue. It sets up a classic Resident Evil puzzle where you’re free to explore the concrete castle and its grounds beyond. However, you can only go so far until Rose’s power comes into play.

She can actually destroy the black goo covering the castle by targeting its core… something it. Either way, it turns dust to dust and opens up the path it was blocking. The mechanic kind of turns the DLC – or at least this part of it – into a mini Metrodvania: you’ll use power to unlock new areas and source more ammo and healing items. In the final minutes of our demo, the ability is upgraded to be used on enemies, freezing them in place for some easy headshots.


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