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Atari has acquired the rights to one of the PS1’s worst games



The one-time top dog of console gaming Atari has announced the acquisition of more than 100 games from the 80s and 90s, which sounds totally tubular to us, and includes fun throwbacks like Hardball and Demolition Racer. But when buying so many IPs, there is always a chance of a real stinker sneaking in. Case in point, Atari has officially received Bubsy 3D, the most one Cursed games ever made.

Developed by Band Studio (then known as Eidetic) for the PS1 in 1995, Bubsy 3D was the team’s first console title of eight and their first foray into 3D. It was terrible, considered one of the worst games of all time Perhaps it is important for the heavy negativity among the players. Electronic Gaming Monthly commented at the time: “Pretend your controller is covered in mud – that’s how Bubby plays.”

With a weird camera, cringe-inducing dialogue, and unresponsive controls, we’d be willing to bet that means some kind of remaster or (gasp) remake is being floated around Atari headquarters right now. There have been attempts over the decades, like Bubsy: The Woolies Strike Back, to try and make Bubsy a thing, and it ain’t happening, folks; Decades ago, the Babsi ship had departed.

What are your memories of Bubsy 3D, have you ever played it? Relive the bad old days with us in the comments section below.


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