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Atlas Fallen ‘Behind the Sand’ gameplay offers a glimpse of a vast fantasy world



Deck 13 Interactive’s Atlas Fallen is an upcoming PS5 action RPG, and in a behind-the-scenes reveal, we get some interesting glimpses of the gameplay set in this sand-swept fantasy world. It’s a massive one, with a focus on locomotion and exploration, and it’s launching fast: Atlas Fallen launches on PS5 on August 10.

The developers take what was learned in the underrated series of sci-fi Soulslikes, The Surge and The Surge 2, and dial the speed up to 11. You can still expect titanic boss encounters and tense combat, but this one is bigger, more open. world with an added emphasis on exploration and mobility. In fact, in some ways, it kind of reminds us of Forkone, except that it’s a very cooperative game, with the ability to always tear up dunes with a friend at the table.


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