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Atomic Heart PS5, PS4 Trophy List You Must Drink Vodka For Platinum



Atomic Heart, the alternate history shooter set in Soviet-era Russia, is heading for a quick release on PS5 and PS4. We’ve been curious about it ever since it was announced, and on February 21st, we’ll finally be able to check it out for ourselves. As always, the arrival of a new PlayStation game means a new set of trophies, and The list of this game has now appeared online.

This is a fairly general list of 42 digital trinkets including platinum. The one that can give people the most trouble is a gold trophy that asks players to complete the game in hardcore mode. Difficulty-based trophies aren’t a favorite among trophy hunters, but of course, there are plenty more to get.

Fortunately, many of the tasks on the nuclear heart list seem relatively straightforward; Kill certain enemy types, collect all the weapons, fully upgrade a skill tree, all the usual stuff. However, there are some less traditional trophies. You will need to get drunk on vodka and then kill five enemies, go to the hospital and talk to the deceased.

We are sure that this game will be very unique, and the trophies definitely support it. See the full list Via the link if you are curious. Will you be playing Atomic Heart? Sound off in the comments section below.


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