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Battlefield 2042 Continues with Escalation Gameplay Ahead of Season 3 Launch



Not to be outdone by Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2.0’s complete dominance of the shooter space in recent days, Battlefield 2042 has debuted some escalation gameplay ahead of its Season 3 debut in a suitably bombastic trailer.

Escalation will feature quite a bit of content in 2042, though, admittedly, most of it is just old content with a bit of rework. There’s the new map, Spearhead, which takes place in the pristine wilderness of Sweden, featuring rolling hills and idyllic rivers that are just begging to be blown. Additionally, the old maps Breakaway and Manifest have been given a once over and should now flow better.

There’s a new operator, Rasheed Zane, who can use his airburst launcher to blast enemies out of cover, and will regain health twice as fast as normal once he’s finished them off. Railgun technology has also hit the battlefield, with the Rorsch Mk-4 rifle and NVK-S22 smart shotgun coming online, not to mention the mighty EMKV90-TOR tank.

Finally, there will be an all-new Battle Pass that will include 100 levels of free and premium content for players to work their way through. Season 3: Escalation will launch on November 22 for PS4 and PS5. What do you think of the new content coming to Battlefield 2042, will you be diving back in? Prepare for deployment in the comments section below.


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