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Best game of the year: John’s top 5 PS5, PS4 games of 2022



Our individual Game of the Year articles allow our lovely team of writers to share their personal PS5 and PS4 picks for 2022. Today, it’s reviewer John Cale McCormick’s turn.

I really enjoyed my time with Cult of the Lamb. I enjoyed it 8/10 as per my review. It’s gruesome, and dark, and bloody, and I named my cat friends in the game after cats in my real life and then they died in gruesome ways and it made me sad. That one is on me though. I really should have come to this. Name your followers after people you don’t like. This is my advice. I should have named them after people who did me wrong, like the kid who bit me during a football game in ’89. yes, you Timothy You are the son of a…

Ragnarok God of War

I liked Ragnarok a lot but I’m not as hot on it as a lot of people – especially other reviewers, it seems, given the staggering Metacritic score. I think the combat is great and some of the characters are awesome – especially Odin, Thor, and Freya – but when it all wrapped up I felt like “oh, it’s over” more than anything else. had been Still, the bosses are vastly improved from the previous game and the highs are generally higher than in that game, even if there are more lows. i don’t know It’s good.

the last of us

Oh look, this is PlayStation’s answer to a question no one asked. £70 for a remake that isn’t even a complete remake of a game that isn’t even ten years old and has already been remastered once? Yes, we all cried about it. But then like a million other idiots I bought it anyway and it was awesome. Did I want it? no Did I need it? no Did I pay £70 for it and thoroughly enjoy every second of it? yes i did what can i say It’s just a great game and now it’s even better than ever. Totally unnecessary but awesome all the same.

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon often seems like the red-haired step-child of the PlayStation family. People are really sleeping on it or drooling over it, maybe because it’s just another tiki-box open world game or maybe because Aloy actually has red hair. Maybe they should have sold it and made it white. Anyway, this game is, for me, one of the best PlayStation first party titles. The robot dinosaur battles are awesome, the gameplay is absolutely beautiful, I really like Aloy as a character, and the story is so wild that it actually made me laugh out loud at one point that the narrative where does it go . is lovely

Alden Ring

Yes, I know. But sometimes you have to face the facts. Alden Ring is one of the easiest 10/10 I’ve ever played. This is a game that feels special from the opening moments and as the map continues to grow and the secrets become more rewarding and the boss encounters more exciting. It’s awesome, in the literal sense of the word. It’s a game that inspires genuine wonder, over and over again, for dozens of hours. I’m thinking of starting it again now, and I’ve already beaten it twice this year. In any given year this game will be in the conversation for game of the year, and in many of them it will win. An all time great.

What do you think of John’s personal Game of the Year picks? Feel free to agree wholeheartedly, or be relentlessly rude in the comments section below.


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