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Breaking: Final Fantasy 7 will be a story of reincarnation



Final Fantasy VII — and the role-playing game genre as a whole — will feature a story as well as characters in what is a startling new direction for Rebirth. Hard to wrap your head around, isn’t it? But this is apparently the truth.

Square Enix has released another weird developer update on the upcoming sequel. This particular post says: “Players will witness a series of narrative developments […] exploring each character’s destiny.”

Not everyone is as smart as we are, so we won’t judge you if this jargon goes over your head. In this example, “series of narrative development” means that the game will have a story. Square Enix is ​​breaking new ground once again, just like it did years ago with the original Final Fantasy VII!

No, but in all seriousness, that’s a weird way to promote a game. The publisher has been rolling out these updates for the past few days, but this one takes the cake. The previous update stated that Rebirth will offer a “higher level of freedom”, which sounds at least vaguely interesting in the context of the remake’s very linear gameplay structure.

Anyway, can you believe that Final Fantasy VII will be a story of reincarnation? And even letters? Pick your jaw up off the floor in the comments section below.


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