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Bungie is taking ‘breach of trust’ within the Destiny 2 creator community ‘extremely seriously’



After Destiny 2 content was leaked at a recent creator conference, developer Bungie has put its foot down, promising to be tougher in the future. A high-profile Destiny 2 streamer and YouTuber, Aquigonhave was allegedly charged by the company Leaking information related to the Bungie Community Summit in a private Discord server, a version of events that content creators Strongly denied.

On Twitter, Bungie addressed the situation:

Equigon is held in some esteem within the community for the notable feat of running over 6000 Grandmaster Nightfalls, a particularly PvE content requiring a high level of skill. He has previously attended three other creator conventions at Bungie’s invitation. He admits that he was not the leaker and was, in fact, created by a Discord user known to have disseminated the leaked information, which is related to the next season of the content title.

while talking to ForbesEquagan was consistent in maintaining the “why” of it all, explaining: “I’ve seen a lot of NDAs.” [at the moment], why would I violate anyone? It’s part of the job. I spent 14,000 hours on this game, many hours helping people in Grandmasters.

It’s an unfortunate situation, but one that Bungie, at least, considers closed. Community manager Liana Rupert put into words the toll this kind of thing can take on developers:

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