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Bungie Says Despite Commercial Success, Destiny 2’s Lightfall Expansion ‘Missed The Mark’



Destiny 2’s latest expansion, Lightfall, has rubbed some players the wrong way, with developer Bungie countering some of the criticism and responding to feedback in one. Blog post.

Mia Culpa reflects the events of the past month within the larger Destiny-verse and touches on some franchise milestones. Destiny 2 saw its “highest concurrent player count in years” for Lightfall, which the studio confirms has “exceeded our sales expectations for the new expansion”, including the completion of the Route of Nightmares raid. A “record-breaking” audience for the world first race. .

But fans are reporting issues with the title’s rather complicated progression and seasonal ranking system, overly bullet-spongy enemies in the Legendary campaign, and countless other issues and complaints. Bungie acknowledged the problems, saying: “With a solid amount of data now under our belts, it’s clear that we’ve missed the mark on some of our goals and need to update based on constructive feedback. is.”


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