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Bungie wins multi-million dollar lawsuit against Destiny 2 cheat site



Developer Bungie is embroiled in a lawsuit against a website called AmJunkies, which sold Destiny 2 cheats to players for months. It looks like the studio has come out on top, however, as Bungie has been awarded $4.3 million in arbitration.

Fortune cheating has been an issue for the past several years, which you may encounter, but rarely in our experience. AimJunkies, as the name implies, mostly traffic aimbots: plug-ins that give unscrupulous players an advantage in the form of auto-aim or aim assist features.

But it seems that Bungie has had more than enough and is, in fact, going after another site called LaviCheats, to the tune of $2000 per download.

What do you think of Bungie’s win here? Have you been on the receiving end of players cheating in Destiny 2, or is that what you tell yourself after another night of crushing the crucible deficit? Face the facts in the comments section below.


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