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Callisto Protocol features ‘the most realistic characters you’ll ever see in a game’, says dev



The release date for the eagerly-anticipated horror-fest Callisto Protocol is on the horizon, with Spacelike(TM) set to scare the hell out of us all on December 2nd. The game looks amazing (in a wet, gore-spattered kind of way) and Striking Distance’s chief technical officer, Mark James, sat down recently. TechRadar To discuss the importance of detail in creating believable game worlds:

Our characters are the most realistic characters you will see in a game. So much so, that when we first showed our game, everyone thought it was pre-rendered. We were like, ‘No, this is what our character looks like. Thus passion [Duhamel, the actor behind the game’s main character] looks like’.

We have a full scan, even down to the ray-traced reflection for the eye rays. So if you look at [character’s] Eyes in our game, you can see their reflective optics. It’s a really small detail, but it’s the little details that really matter to our game.

Apparently, this insane level of detail was achieved by modeling the light reflections for every angle, and rotating the lights around each character model, to capture the bouncing features as realistically as possible. can James continues:

“Our rendering guy, Jorge Jiminez, used to send round photos of Josh and the digital render. [of the game’s main character]And he will get people to guess [which was which]. If people felt there was a difference, he worked on that area. It’s very important to us that that realism is in our game. “

“It brings a connection to the player that you don’t normally get,” he said. “A lot of our brain is connected to seeing faces, more so than the rest of the world around us because we have to read faces every day. We want to base all our transformations and our body horror around this ground reality – what if an arm doubles in size, or a chest opens up.”

“Our enemies are not dead, they are not aliens, they are mutated humans. So we want to show that premise – they’re still recognizable as human beings – and also that connection, so you’re not just dividing these things that were human. They are your fellow prisoners and guards.”

Callisto Protocol has been in the headlines for quite some time now, with director Glenn Schofield getting into hot water regarding some comments he made in an appearance to glorify crunch culture. Additionally, there seems to be some confusion about post-launch support for the game, despite the fact that a Season Pass is currently available for purchase.

Are you excited about the Callisto protocol? Will you pick it up at launch? Let us know in the comments section below.


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