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Callisto Protocol’s DLC death animations have not been created yet



Update: There’s been a bit of a stir surrounding Callisto Protocol’s upcoming season pass, as explained in the article below. In particular, some fans are upset that the developer Striking Distance Studios can do Hold back content – in this case, death animations – to get extra cash. This, according to bigwig Glenn Schofield, is not the case.

“To be clear: We are not removing anything from the core game for the Season Pass,” he said. “We haven’t even started working on this stuff yet. This is all new material that we will be working on in the new year. Fans have been asking for more deaths, so we’re prioritizing that next year. Responding to a fan, he added: “We put every weird thing we’ve ever done into a shipping game.”

Original article: Poor Jacob Lee. He’s the player protagonist in Callisto Protocol, which comes from some of the minds behind Dead Space, meaning he’s in for a tough time. We’ve already seen several examples of gruesome death sequences in sci-fi survival horror, and for many, these violent scenes will be a highlight. Interestingly, some of these animations will cost you extra.

As reported by VGCThe details of the game’s season pass have been revealed on it steam page. The Season Pass, along with other DLC, will feature two content packs, each adding more death animations to the game. The Contagion bundle will add 13 more death sequences for Jacob, while the Riot bundle introduces 12 death animations for enemies.

There’s more to these bundles, of course, including new mods and skins. We imagine new animations could be added to DLC modes, or new enemies, that aren’t in the base game. If so, it makes a little more sense. However, we don’t know for sure. It’s unusual to highlight things like death animations as a way to sell additional content, but given the serious marketing of the game so far, we believe it tracks.

What do you make of it? Are death animations part of why you’re excited for Callisto Protocol? Does the thought of more of them entice you to the season pass? Discuss in the comment section below.


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