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Capcom Street Fighter 6 aims to become the best-selling game in the series



Capcom is setting the bar high for its upcoming fighting game, Street Fighter 6. Clearly, the publisher wants all of its games to be big hits, and the series has always sold well. However, by positioning this title as a fighter with mass appeal that will evolve and grow over time, Capcom is looking to take Street Fighter to the next level. The company’s president, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, says the team is aiming to sell 10 million copies, which would easily put it ahead of the rest of the series.

In an interview with Famitsu, Tsujimoto says that Capcom has successfully developed its other core series such as Resident Evil and Monster Hunter, with the latter also targeting 20 million copies while it has broken in the West. “Street Fighter V has already sold over 7 million copies, so if we can use our digital sales experience, we should be able to target 10 million copies with the next game,” he says. is “That’s why we’re trying to do everything we couldn’t do before with Street Fighter 6 – that’s why we’re where we are today.”

If the new game is able to leapfrog Street Fighter V’s 7 million sales, it will become the best-selling game in the series; 10 million would put it in a comfortable lead. Given the growth of the digital market over the past few years, Tsujimoto is confident that the game will achieve its goal, and that it will continue to sell well years after its release.

We think Street Fighter 6 is a great place to reach a wider audience. Having recently dabbled with the game’s single-player modes, it’s clear that this title will be the complete package at launch. With such positive buzz surrounding the game since its reveal, its success seems assured – we expect it to reach the 10 million milestone, and maybe even beyond.


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