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Capcom’s barmy dino shooter launches July 14 on Exoprimal Bites PS5, PS4



Update: Yes, Capcom’s bonkers third-person Exoprimal will launch on PS5 and PS4 on July 14th, with an open beta running from March 17th to March 19th. The game will cost $59.99 for its bog-standard version, with a digital deluxe available for $69.99.

The latter version comes with additional content in the game, including – take a deep breath – a Head Start Kit, a Vigilante Early Unlock Ticket, a Murasame Early Unlock Ticket, a Nimbus Early Unlock Ticket, a Paladin exosuit for Vigilante the skin , a White Guardian exosuit skin for Murasame, and a Wonderland exosuit skin for Nimbus. You’ll get instant access to the premium tier of the title’s first Survival Pass, which is effectively a Battle Pass.

Pre-orders will also come with some extra skins, and you can catch more courtesy of the trailer embedded above.

Original article: Capcom’s completely insane multiplayer dinosaur shooter will be Exoprimal Allegedly stomp on PS5 and PS4 on July 14, with a release date to be announced during today’s Capcom Spotlight Showcase. The broadcast – scheduled to begin at approximately 2PM PT/10PM GMT – will also include new information about the upcoming remake, Resident Evil 4 .

Although it’s not directly connected to Dino Crisis, producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi is leading the project, which has you competing in teams working together to take out giant prehistoric creatures in PvPvE battles. Will see uneasy loyalties forming. We’ll of course bring you Capcom Spotlight Live later today, and will update when we get concrete confirmation of Exoprimal’s release date.


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