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CD Projekt Red to move equally across all platforms, not just on PC



Cyberpunk 2077’s debut on consoles will live long in the minds of gamers. The release was truly unprecedented in terms of the shocking status of the game, which didn’t seem like it had actually been tested on PS4, and has achieved a kind of mythical status. Where were you the day Cyberpunk 2077 was pulled from the PlayStation Store?

In a deep-dive video featuring an interview with CD Projekt Red’s developers, CTO Pavel Zavodny explains how the company wants to approach game development in a more forward-thinking and proactive way in the future and avoid the pitfalls of the past. is Zavodny notes that “a major risk encountered in the development process is related to stability and performance on all target platforms” and that “we test gameplay quality on every platform and only the developers’ PC builds.” I don’t pay attention to it.”

It’s part of CDPR’s proposed better engineering practices that the company wants to implement in future games, including “always-on game rules,” which start all core systems in a game to allow continuous iteration. Tries to work from

The entire video itself is a very interesting watch, and here’s hoping that CDPR learns from the launch of Cyberpunk and applies these practices moving forward in future titles, such as the Cyberpunk sequel, that two The Witcher games, and new IP currently in development. What do you think about CDPR’s proposed better engineering practices? Are you ready to let bygones be bygones? Learn to trust again in the comments section below.


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