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Clouds are one of the reasons why Horizon West: Burning Shores is PS5 only



Guerrilla Games is trying to justify why the Horizon Forbidden West DLC Burning Shores has dropped support for PS4 entirely, instead only putting a version on PS5. One of these legitimate? the cloud The developer has taken The PlayStation Blog To expand on how its upgraded cloud system actually offers new content for expansion and has evolved in the time since Forbidden West’s launch.

Senior community manager Naray Lee revealed that you’ll find tunnels, caves and “other surprises” in the clouds as you explore them on the mountain. “The best part is that when you try any of these features, the experience will be different,” he said. “As the day progresses, the quality and direction of the light changes, hiding and revealing some of these features and changing the feeling of each journey.” As a result you should expect to collect collectibles and complete side quests in the clouds of the Burning Shores DLC.

You can read the full breakdown on how the Dutch studio worked with its Atmospheric team on its cloud technology. The PlayStation Blog. Essentially, however, the additional power of the PS5 has allowed the clouds to become their own character in the open world through the use of voxel technology and other tools.


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