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Coming to PS5 in 2024, build towns and revive nature in Towers of Agasba



Towers of Aghasba was announced for PS5 during the latest PlayStation Showcase, and while no one knows how to pronounce that name, the game itself looks pretty ambitious. From developer Dreamlit, it’s an open world city builder that’s as concerned with preserving nature as it is with building settlements.

Your people return to the land they once called home, only to find it desolate. Playing as a young member of the tribe, it’s your job to gather resources and gradually build settlements and towns to help keep everyone sheltered, fed and happy. However, while this is your main objective, the gods of the world are wary of human presence, and so to keep them happy, you shouldn’t build too much; Basically, you will need to restore nature and wildlife to the landscape.

It seems that much of the game is concerned with this balance, forcing you to advance human settlements without impeding on the environment’s flora and fauna. On the flip side, you’re also in charge of making sure the ecosystem thrives. It’s about building both aspects of the game, not just one or the other.

As mentioned, this is an open world island, with the idea that you can build settlements and restore nature wherever you want. You will ride around on the mount and collect the materials needed to build the island, using a glider. Oh, and while you’re doing all that, there’s also apparently a lot of knowledge to sink your teeth into as you explore.

Again, this sounds like a very ambitious start from Dreamlit, so we’re eager to see how it pans out when the game launches on PS5 in 2024. What do you think of Towers of Aghasba? Let us know in the comments section below.


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