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Continue the weird Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth references, no need to play the first remake



Square Enix is ​​back for the fourth day in a row with a slightly weird Final Fantasy VII Rebirth reference, announcing today that you don’t need to have played the PS5, PS4 title Final Fantasy VII Remake to enjoy the sequel. The company says it has “prepared so that players who didn’t get a chance to play the first game can fully enjoy Final Fantasy VII Rebirth”.

It doesn’t say what those plans are, but we have to assume it will be some sort of retrospective video that you can watch from Rebirth’s main menu that narrates the events of the first remake. Another approach could be to spell out what happened in Final Fantasy VII Remake in the dialogue at the beginning of Rebirth. Either way, co-director Motomu Toriyama assures that you can jump straight into Final Fantasy VII Rebirth without playing its predecessor.

The first references Square Enix offered on Final Fantasy VII Rebirth last week made the most sense, stating that it is “working on finalizing a release date” for the RPG, which is currently winter 2023. is slated for a PS5 release in It followed through on that claim. Saying that the sequel will offer a lot of freedom: “Players will be able to travel through a vast and multifaceted world with a high degree of freedom, experiencing different stories along the way.” However, the strangest reference of the lot came yesterday, when it was revealed that the game will have a story! And letters! Wow!

At least now you know you don’t need to experience what those characters have done in the past to follow this next part of the story. Groundbreaking stuff here. What will be confirmed tomorrow, we wonder? Which you can equip material?!


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