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Crew Motorfest goes fender-to-fender with Forza Horizon on PS5, PS4 this year



If you’re a PlayStation-only owner, you’re going to be asking for big things from The Crew Motorfest, officially announced by Ubisoft for PS5 and PS4 earlier today. Due in 2023, Open World will return to the roots of the arcade racer series, meaning the water and aerial disciplines from its predecessor appear to be out. This time the focus is on four wheels, although there will be plenty of variety: from moderners to sports cars, there’s plenty to look forward to. Do PS5 and PS4 have a Forza Horizon Finally the opposite?

“Crew Motorfest has settled into one of the most breathtaking and vibrant places on Earth: the island of Oahu in the Hawaiian archipelago,” teases the press release. “It’s the perfect playground for players to have fun together with their vehicles: racing through the city streets of Honolulu, going down the slopes of an ash volcano, venturing deep into lush rainforests, drifting along curvy mountain roads, Or just chilling. sunny beach.”


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