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Cyberpunk 2077 Multiplayer Was Cut Due to Game’s Troubled Launch, CDPR Admits



Even before Cyberpunk 2077 was actually released in 2020, developer CD Projekt Red confirmed that it was working on some sort of multiplayer cyberpunk title. Whether it would be a standalone game or an expansion to 2077 we never really knew, but all talk of the project pretty much died down after the open world RPG launched.

And that’s because the Polish studio has pulled the plug on its multiplayer ambitions. Eurogamer reports that planned multiplayer content was originally abandoned after 2077’s notoriously troubled release. CDPR had little choice but to go all out to improve its latest game, and that meant adjusting its priorities drastically.

“The priority was that the core experience would play out really well for people,” senior quest designer Philipp Weber told Eurogamer. “Essentially, the shift in priorities meant that other research and development projects had to go away.” In other words, the multiplayer didn’t really have time to take off.


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