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Dead Island 2 will have reduced weapon usage, but dev says ‘we’re being generous with it’



Weapon durability is a controversial mechanic among RPG fans, with some feeling that item drop is an annoying and unnecessary way of forcing players to constantly discard their weapons. Others, meanwhile, appreciate the idea of ​​keeping their gear intact and amassing an arsenal of death-dealing equipment. Dead Island 2, as it turns out, will follow the latter school of thought, and potential zombie survivors will need to have an idea for the various weapons they use to deal the undead with ultimate death.

in one Interview with VG247Adam Duckett, design director at Dambuster Studio, elaborated on the matter: “Range weapons have ammo, so melee weapons have a drop. We’re generous with that; we want players to have a full arsenal of weapons.” So we have a lot of cool mods, and a lot of perks, and a lot of other things in the game that we want the player to cycle through – exploring the arsenal.”

Duckett explains that players will be able to equip eight weapons on their weapon wheel, and an additional eight can be held in reserve, allowing you to cycle through this armory at a moment’s notice. Weapons can be modified to do real damage, allowing you to use the right tool for the job at hand, depending on the enemy you’re facing.

Additionally, weapon deceleration is shown on screen, allowing players to turn off the HUD, and still know when a weapon is about to disintegrate. Duckett notes that “there’s nothing better than cracking a katana, looking at the hilt in your hand, and then seeing the rest of the blade in a zombie’s skull.”

How do you feel about weapon durability mechanics, do you think they add to immersion or unnecessarily busy work? Drop in the comments section below.


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