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Dead Space PS5 is ‘best-in-class’ according to Digital Foundry analysis



As anyone who has picked up the Dead Space remake on PS5 knows, the gory game is definitely something to behold. Almost 15 years after the original game’s launch, this new and improved take on one of the most important survival horror games is much more than just a simple reskin. The wizards at Digital Foundry have put EA Motive’s latest through its paces in their technical maelstrom.

Completely rebuilt on the Frostbite engine, it makes masterful use of dead space shadows, which is great, since you’ll spend a lot of the game walking around in near-pitch-darkness. Volumetric lighting is also used to great effect in the shafts of light that occasionally pierce the oppressive darkness.

On the PS5, the title launched with some visual issues, which have since been rectified. In performance mode, Dead Space runs at a steady 60fps which targets 1440p resolution in quality mode and 30fps at 2160p. DF notes that on PS5 specifically, variable rate shading (which dynamically changes the shading rate, allowing for better performance) doesn’t work as well as it should, resulting in There is severe pixelation in the darkest areas of the given frame.

Apparently, the developers are aware of that last issue and are currently working on a new patch to improve things on consoles. Still, Digital Foundry calls Dead Space a best-in-class remake, easily on par with any of Capcom’s excellent Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3 remakes.

What do you think of Dead Space from a technical point of view? Do you agree with Digital Foundry’s analysis? Let us know in the comments section below.


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