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Dead Space PS5 remake will be a shot like God of War



EA Motive has confirmed that its upcoming Dead Space PS5 remake will not include a single load screen – unless you kill the Necromorphs. The original PS3 title came pretty close to achieving this, with the camera positioned just behind Isaac Clarke’s right shoulder for almost the entire time. However, control between chapters was removed due to load screens. It won’t happen with a single, seamless camera shot on the PS5.

This means that Dead Space follows in the footsteps of God of War, committing to one shot for the entire duration of the game. God of War Ragnarok will do the same in November. one EA blog post Notes that this single shot now allows you to freely explore USG Ishimura, go wherever you want and look back for things you missed. “It’s now a completely immersive experience,” said senior producer Philippe Ducharme.

Elsewhere in the article, Durcharme talks about “honoring the legacy” of the first game by staying true to its core foundation, but then adding some neat improvements on top. There will be new content, more lore to uncover, and obvious graphical improvements.

“The goal was to make you feel like you’re experiencing Dead Space again for the first time, if you’re already a fan of the game. But we also have the opportunity to give it to people who have never played it. . Dead Space experience, with a game that plays, that looks, that looks like a modern game.” Dead Space Remake launches for PS5 on January 27, 2023 — there is no PS4 version.


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