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Dead Space remake to feature alternate ending, pre-load times revealed



The upcoming remake of the original and very cool Dead Space launches this weekend, on January 27th, and die-hard unitologists and other fans are no doubt champing at the bit to start ripping off some limbs. Good news, then, as we now know when this graphical powerhouse can start pre-loading; You can prepare for Convergence on January 25th at 8am PT / 4pm GMT.

Additionally, a recently revealed trophy list has shed some light on the existence of an alternate ending, a somewhat unexpected addition. We won’t spoil the actual game’s ending here (except to note that it should be illegal to end the game with a jump scare), but its inclusion is quite interesting. Could we see a departure from the established order of things and a revived remake trilogy, which is Dead Space 3, which brings out the tragedy all over again? Probably not, but one can dream, can’t one?

Do you feel the thought of going back to Ishimura tingling deep in the core of your being, or should we see someone about it? Will you be preloading Dead Space Remake and the second game will go live? Let us know in the comments section below.


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