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Disappointing as the DualSense Edge PS5 controller sports a small battery that lasts up to six hours



Image: Buds controller

The DualSense Edge, Sony’s official ‘pro’ controller for the PS5, hits store shelves today – and it’s already being pulled online for its underpowered battery. As reported by Buds controller On Twitter, the Premium Pad – which retails for $199.99 / £209.99 – actually has a smaller battery than the standard DualSense. Now, smaller batteries don’t always mean shorter battery life — it all depends on what kind of battery we’re talking about and how it’s used — but recently published DualSense Edge reviews suggest Given that this controller doesn’t last long when you’re playing unplugged.

The standard DualSense has already faced a lot of criticism for its relatively short battery life. On average, a full charge will result in around eight hours of use – but that total depends on how the game uses the controller’s features, such as haptic feedback.

The issue, then, is that the DualSense Edge is getting about six hours of use off the bat. That’s what we found in our own DualSense Edge hardware review, and it matches what we’re hearing from others.


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